Undergraduate Mission Statement

The Department of Journalism and Creative Media teaches students to make sense of information, sort truth from fiction, and tell stories with authenticity and inspiration—all critical tasks in an information age. We prepare our graduates to find jobs and excel across many fields, and be discriminating media consumers. We also prepare our graduates to think critically about media and their role in a democratic and diverse society. We believe that those who can collect information, filter it for accuracy and importance, and tell it well can change the world.

Academic Programs

The Department of Journalism & Creative Media offers undergraduate programs in Creative Media and News Media. Creative Media majors can choose an interest in media production, electronic reporting, production management, critical studies in film and television, or documentary. News Media majors can choose an interest area in general journalism, visual and multimedia journalism. (News Media majors are also eligible to participate in the Accelerated Master’s Program.) Have a question about the department and the programs we offer? Check out our FAQ, and if you still have questions, contact us.

If you are interested in available minors within the Department of Journalism & Creative Media, we offer minors in creative media, news media, and sports media. Please click here for more information.

News Media Major

Study the many ways news and information are produced, from the traditional practices of professional news outlets to the emerging practices of media start-ups.

Creative Media Major

Whether the platform is creative fiction or hard-hitting news, documentaries, or sports, students learn the skills needed to tell these stories in the most effective way possible.


The Department of Journalism and Creative Media strongly encourages students in both of its degree programs to participate in internships. However, students majoring in telecommunication and film are required to complete an internship (JCM 382) as part of the program’s curriculum. 

Graduate Degree Program

Journalism graduate students work with award-winning faculty members to study the principles and practices of sound journalism and scholarly inquiry. Students choose between a professional, one-year option or a two-year, research option.


The Department of Journalism and Creative Media’s faculty advises students. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the JCM Department? Find answers to the most frequently asked ones here.

Student Opportunities


Follow the links below to learn more about opportunities for skills development and ways to get involved with the JCM community.

Film-Alert Listerv

Announcements of cool films playing in the Birmingham-Tuscaloosa area.

Media Writing Center

Feedback and support on writing assignments.

Screen-L Listerv

Email discussion group for anyone studying film or television.


A pronunciation guide for film and TV studies. Available online and as a podcast.


A website to facilitate the teaching and research of film, TV and new media.

Shot Logger

A gallery of frame captures (individual frames from films and TV programs).

Student Orgs

A comprehensive guide to student organizations in the College.


A collection of course notes for students studying video and film.

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