Our new curriculum offers two majors: news media and creative media.

The field of news and journalism is about gathering, analyzing and communicating important information in a meaningful way. As a news media major, students may focus their storytelling studies on news and informational media studies through a multimedia platform. Students learn to hone writing, broadcasting and web design, as well as conduct in-depth investigations. They can study the principles, structures and techniques of modern news and information industries necessary to achieve the goal of an informed public.

The creative media major focuses on the film and television industries, examining how to write, produce, edit and critique fictional and non-fictional material. Majoring in creative media prepares students to shoot and edit video, produce films, write scripts or examine storytelling and how it influences culture and society. Classes include media writing, sales, production, directing, videography and critical evaluation.

Course numbers are tentative until officially approved. A list (which is subject to change) of how the JCM courses equate to former TCF and JN courses may be downloaded as a PDF.

Creative Media Major

News Media Major