Frequently Asked Questions About UA’s Department of Journalism & Creative Media

This FAQ is being revised. Got a question? Contact the department.

How and why do I complete the Override Request Form?
The Override Request Form is used to request permission to register for a JCM course for which you are unable to register. Reasons that may be causing you to not to be able to register include lack of prerequisites, the class requiring Department permission, class-level restrictions (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior), or the class being full and you needing a capacity override.

All seniors will need to submit an override request in order to register for their Capstone courses.

To complete the Override Request Form, please visit When completing the form, be as descriptive as possible to help assist us in processing your request. This form is only a request and does not guarantee approval.

What is the Department of Journalism & Creative Media?
The department was created in 2016 with the merger of the Journalism and the Telecommunication & Film departments. It includes approximately 900 undergraduate majors and master’s students. This department is one of four academic units in the College of Communication and Information Sciences.

What happened to the Journalism (JN) and Telecommunication and Film (TCF) majors and minors?
With the new departments, we have revised our existing majors into news media majors and creative media majors. News media majors focus on those interested in writing, reporting, anchoring or producing in the news industry. Those majors would likely work in broadcast news, newspapers, online news sites, local television news, network television news or sports networks. Creative media majors focus on areas of filmmaking, documentary, production or critical studies. Those majors would likely work in the film industry. Majors in either area may pursue graduate education.

Why did the two departments merge?
Both majors focus on telling stories in media. JCM majors look at media content across disciplines and examine various ways to tell the best story. By merging, students will be allowed to take classes across a broader area, including writing, reporting, production, management and media criticism courses. Many more media-related courses will be available to all students, along with greater access to more of our faculty.

Are any minors available in JCM?
Yes, minors exist in news media, creative media and sports media. More information can be found here.

Does either major have a concentration?
Yes, News Media majors are able to declare a sports media concentration.

Will I automatically be switched into one of the two revised majors?
No. If you were enrolled prior to Fall 2017, you will stay as either a JN or TCF major. However, you may switch to the new catalog year (17-18) to become a News Media or Creative Media major. Students should consult with their advisor on this decision.

If I am an existing JN or TCF student, should I switch into one of the other majors?
It depends on your progress in your current major. In the news sequences, we recommend that JN students who have completed JN 311 by fall 2016 and TCF students who have taken TCF 286/331 by spring 2017 should not switch catalogs. For TCF production majors, those who have taken TCF 201 by spring 2017 should not switch catalogs. Review your degree plan on DegreeWorks (once available) and confer with your advisor to determine if switching to a new catalog is the right decision for you.

How do I know what JCM classes to take to finish my degree?
We have created a list of course equivalencies showing what JCM courses are equivalent to JN/TCF courses.

Can I complete these majors in four semesters?
Perhaps. We have suggested sequences for both majors to help you finish in four semesters: News Media suggested sequence and Creative Media suggested sequence.

Who can I talk to if I have questions about these revised majors and if they are better for me than my current major?
Your adviser should be able to help. If you have fewer than 60 hours, you will be seen in Tisch Student Services. If you have more than 60 hours, you have been assigned a faculty adviser in JCM. That person can help you make an informed decision. You can find your advisor’s name on your DegreeWorks site.

Will MC courses change in this new curriculum?
No. MC courses will remain the same.

Can I take any JCM course, whether or not I was originally a JN or TCF major?
Yes, but you must complete all of the required prerequisites for any given course.

If I have an existing JN or TCF scholarship, will it be affected if I switch to a JCM major?
Generally, no. The scholarships will operate as JN/TCF scholarships have traditionally operated. Students must reapply for scholarships each year. However, if you switch into News Media or Creative Media, there may be situations in which your major GPA changes with different classes fulfilling different requirements. That could impact your eligibility, in rare cases.

What is happening to the graduate programs in the former TCF and JN areas?
The TCF graduate program is no longer accepting applications. There are three journalism-related master’s programs: thesis-track, professional community journalism, and an online master’s program.

If I have enrolled after Fall 2017, can I still be a journalism or TCF major?
No, all JCM students enrolled in Fall 2017 or later will choose either news media or creative media as a major.

Are internships required in the news media and creative media majors?
They are strongly encouraged, but not required for either major.