Students enrolled in certain Journalism & Creative Media courses are eligible to check out recorders, cameras, sound/lighting and other media equipment for use in completion of course assignments. The range of equipment access is determined by course and subject to both the permission of the instructor and item availability. Students are responsible for the timely and safe return of all equipment checked-out in their name. A $25 per day late fee will be assessed for any equipment returned after the assigned check-in time.

NOTE: You must be registered for JCM 201 or a JCM 300 or 400 level class to request equipment. Before renting any equipment, please visit the links below to take a test on the equipment. Once you have passed this, please visit JCM Checkout to request the equipment that you need.

Individual students or student groups will be charged for the replacement or repair of any item lost, stolen or damaged while in their possession. Failure to return the borrowed equipment within five days will result in a transfer of the charges to the student’s account maintained by the Office of Student Receivables. Charges for borrowed equipment that is returned damaged or late will also be transferred to the Office of Student Receivables. This action will prevent subsequent registration, graduation and transcript issuance until the matter is cleared. This amount is also subject to attorney’s fees, and other costs and charges necessary for the collection of any amounts not paid when due.

Students are welcome to utilize their own equipment to complete some course assignments. Please consult with the instructor about technical specifications and compatibility issues before proceeding.

All equipment use requires a 24-hour advanced reservation.

Equipment CHECK-OUT(outgoing) is between 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. weekdays by APPOINTMENT ONLY in 123 Reese Phifer Hall.

Equipment CHECK-IN(returning) is between 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. weekdays by APPOINTMENT ONLY at the RED DOORS between the parking lot and annex.

This policy is in effect for any student who checks equipment out of the JCM equipment room OR uses equipment in class that has been checked out by faculty.

JCM Checkout Easyrig Equipment Test Audio Editing Suite Test Color Editing Suite Test