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TCF News and Notes (Spring 2014)


Congratulations to Chandra Clark for her publication in the April edition of JoME. “Producing a Collaborative Video Project across Country” explains how she produced her award-winning work on tornados and hurricanes. You can read it at:

BTW, JoME is edited by one of our TCF adjuncts, Dr. Dave Byland.

Congratulations to Dwight Cammeron, whose film April’s Hero was screened at the Lifetree Film Festival in Loveland, Colorado on Saturday, April 12. For more info on this festival, check out:

April’s Hero has continued to have great success on the festival circuit.

Congratulations to Michael Bruce, whose article “Framing Arab Spring Conflict: A Visual Analysis of Coverage on Five Transnational Arab News Channels” has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Middle Eastern Media. We look forward to its publication.

And congratulations to Adam Schwartz, Matt Payne, and Maya Champion, who were invited to present their collaborative work on Zom-Com at the UFVA Annual Convention in August in Montana.


TCF won 3 awards in the UA “Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Conference”

Oral Presentations

2nd Place Leah Bradford, Drew Bryant, Taylor Crosby, Sarah Hollingsworth (Faculty Mentor: Chandra Clark)

4th Place Danielle Springsteen, Kristen Bolden, Lauria Jenkins, Morgan Wagner (Faculty Mentor: Chandra Clark)

Internationally Focused

Award Recipient – Jeyoung Oh (Faculty Mentor: Yonghwan Kim)

Congratulations to Chandra Clark and Yonghwan Kim for their work with these students.

TCF also had 4 winners and 4 finalists (in 5 different categories) in the SPJ competition (each category gets three finalists and then they choose one winner . . . the others are called finalists).


WINNER “Student On-line identity stolen” by Hailey Swartwout (TCF 334 mini-doc aired on WVUA-FM)
FINALIST: “Red Light Cameras” by Spinks Megginson


WINNER “Preventing More boating deaths” by Tommy Townsend, WVUA-TV
FINALIST “Airport Bomb Threat” by Emileigh Forrester, WVUA-TV


WINNER “Blind Band Student” by Bradley Whittington, WVUA-TV


FINALIST: “A Champion’s Support” by Katie Malone, WVUA-TV


WINNER “Blind Band Student” by Bradley Whittington, WVUA-TV
FINALIST “Bamboo Industry” by Emileigh Forrester, WVUA-TV


TCF-produced Videos on Alabama Artists: ‘Alabama Art Seen’

Alabama Art Seen is a half-hour documentary-style television show that profiles artists living and working in Alabama. Produced entirely by University of Alabama Telecommunication and Film students, the program aims to shine light on the rich artistic heritage of the state, and more importantly, investigate the growing investment in the arts in Alabama.

Alabama Art Seen airs Sunday nights at 9pm on WVUA-TV.

For more information, please see:

BEA Awards

All the BEA winners have been posted and, as usual, TCF has an excellent record of achievement. We had 5 papers and 5 festival awards! All peer-reviewed and competitively selected. Of the 5 papers, 3 were TOP papers in their division and one additional paper was selected for the prestigious Research Symposium. At the Festival, 2 were faculty awards and 3 were student awards. Michael received the Best of the Festival Award in Faculty Sports, the top award for the festival and the first time it has been awarded in the Sports Division.

Here is the complete breakdown:

Research Papers

Top paper: BEA Research division (debut): Yonghwan Kim

Like-minded media use and stereotypic perceptions: Exploring the connection between exposure to like-minded media and stereotypical perceptions.

Top paper, Gender Studies (open): Andy Billings

Parallel Lines of Commentary? The NBC Broadcast Network’s Primetime Depiction of Male Gymnasts at the 2012 Olympic Games

Top Paper, International Division (open): Michel Haigh & Michael Bruce

A Comparison of the Visual and Story Frames Al Jazeera English and CNN Employed During the 2011 Egyptian Revolution

Research Symposium: Michael Bruce:

Sensational Pictures: An Analysis of Visual Structure on Five Transnational Arab News Channels

Selected for presentation: Yonghwan Kim:

Selective exposure to podcasts, emotions, and political participation: The mediating role of emotions.

International Festival of Media Arts

Best of Festival, Faculty Sports:

Michael Bruce: Houndstooth: Tradition. Community. Loyalty.

Faculty Video Competition: Promotional Video

Award of Excellence: Scott Hodgson, University of Oklahoma & Chandra Clark, The University of Alabama: Communicating Superstorm Sandy


Student Interactive Multimedia Competition: Small Team, 1st Place Winner:

Miller Coop and Anne Tyler Bushman, The University of Alabama, Miracle League.

Student Documentary/Long Form: 3rd Place Winner

Shelby Hadden, The University of Alabama, Not a Statistic

Student Television Hard News Reporting: Honorable Mention

Tommy Townsend, The University of Alabama, Drownings on the River



Scriptwriting Competition Winners

The TCF/Capstone Communication Scriptwriting Competition had more scripts entered this year than ever before, and the judges (headed by alum Tom Cherones) were quite pleased with the quality. This made their job even harder, and their decision was very difficult.

Here are the Award Winners:

  • First Place: “The Unthinkable” by Brittany E. Walton ($5,000)
  • Second Place: “Wishful Thinking” by Rachael Giles ($2,500)
  • Third Place: “A Day in the Life of Willie” by Thomas C. Kennemer ($1,000)

Additionally, “A Day in the Life of Willie” was selected to be produced by the Cherones Capstone Production class this year.

The winners will be honored on April 17 (time TBA) at the Bama Theater. That evening will feature a screening of past Cherones classes, Q&A from Tom Cherones and Production Designer Tom Azzari, and the presentation to our scriptwriting winners.

Campus MovieFest Winners

At last night’s Campus MovieFest, TCF students took most of the top honors:

Sean Dave (production major) won best picture.

Alex Beatty (production major) won best drama.

Daniel Barnes (production major) won audience award.

Leah Dunkel (double major in TCF production and psychology) and Cayce Savage (former CC intern) won best comedy.

Congratulations to all who participated!

Tuscaloosa News Covers TCF Zombies

More coverage of the TCF zom-com:

University of Alabama students film pilot episode for TV show about zombie chasers
By Ashley Chaffin

Published: Monday, December 9, 2013 at 3:30 a.m.

The Super Skate on McFarland Boulevard turned into a dispatch center for a ragtag team of zombie chasers last week as production students from the University of Alabama Telecommunication and Film Department shot a pilot for their television show titled “Zom-Com.”

The show follows a team of people who go on various jobs chasing zombies to collect data about them.

“In the pilot, they botch one of their jobs and bring back incomplete data, so they don’t get paid as much,” Adam Schwartz, assistant professor in the TCF department, said. “To try to make up for that, they accept what is known throughout the zombie-chaser community as a suicide mission. The pilot follows them on that mission.”

Continue reading…

UA class filming zombie show in Tuscaloosa

“TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) – They have plagued movies, television, and books for decades; but now, the zombie apocalypse has hit Alabama.

Around 30 of the walkers were spotted at the University of Alabama Arboretum early in the week. Witnesses say there was blood everywhere as the creatures stalked down through the woods towards a camera crew.

Yes, a camera crew. The zombies that have been lurking around the university’s campus this week are extras in a new television pilot called, “Zom-Com.”

The 22-minute program is a collaboration between two [TCF] classes at the University of Alabama. One, is an advanced television production class. The other is a zombie culture class.”

Read more and view video!

Latest episode of “Alabama Ghostbusters” available on Halloween

As reported in the Tuscaloosa News:

“Alabama Ghostbusters: A Web Series” cast members Bo Bearden, Brock Parker and David Railey on set in Tuscaloosa during the shooting of a scene for the series, which was written and directed by University of Alabama professor Adam Schwartz and produced by students in his advanced TV production class.

Brock Parker | The Tuscaloosa News

Published: Thursday, October 31, 2013 at 3:30 a.m.
The creators of “Alabama Ghostbusters: A Web Series” plan to release the latest episode of the fan series shot in Tuscaloosa on Thursday, for Halloween.

The Web series, inspired by the 1980s science fiction comedy, is co-written by University of Alabama film professor Adam Schwartz, a member of the statewide fan group Alabama Ghostbusters, and Nicky Stevens.

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