Andy Billings’ research on media and global sports events

Another week, another batch of publications co-authored by TCF faculty member Andrew Billings, continuing Dr. Billing’s research program related to media and global sports events. Both articles had been published online in advance of print, but are now issued in print.

Billings, A. C., Brown, K. A., & Devlin, N. B. (2015). Sports draped in the American flag: Impact of the 2014 Winter Olympic telecast on nationalized attitudes. Mass Communication & Society, 18(4), 377-398.

Billings, A. C., Burch, L. M, & Zimmerman, M. H. (2015). Fragments of us, fragments of them: Social media, nationality, and U.S. perceptions of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Soccer & Society, 16(5-6), 726-744.