“Dead Singers’ Society” – Contact producer for audition information.

Production Title: Dead Singers’ Society
Logline: A college student at Whey University tries to find himself and come out of his shell through music.

Audition Date: 3/24/15 – 4/15/2015
Audition Time: Available Upon request

Producer’s Email: gbtorrance@crimson.ua.edu

Sides Provided? Yes

Student or Professional Production?

Characters Sought:

Sarah Cornett – Sarah enjoys temporary/alternative/classic rock and pop. She is also a college student at Whey University, and is studying to become a theater major. She is comfortable in her own skin, and very confident.

Alex Price – Alex is a college student at Whey University. He enjoys listening to One Direction, and aspires to be a singer/songwriter one day. He is timid, and is not one to leave his shell unless forced to do so – until he meets Sarah.

Bryan Cameron –  Bryan is Alex’s best friend at Whey University. He is constantly trying to get Alex to come out of his shell and live life to the fullest. He believes that only the person themselves can help themselves gain happiness.