“Sherwood Acres” – contact producer for details.

Production Title: Sherwood Acres
Logline: Robin Hood meets Caddyshack

Production Start Date:  March 2015

Producer’s Email: mtlenahan@crimson.ua.edu

Sides Provided? No

Student or Professional Production?

Characters Sought:

Major Characters

Robbie (20s): protagonist; server at Sherwood Acres Country Club. Happy and passionate. He loves to have fun, but he has a strong sense of justice towards those who humiliate or harm other workers at the country club. Although he tries to do it in the most respectable manner possible, he often has to choose between letting it go or taking on an alternate form of justice (pranking, blackmailing, etc.).

Will (20s): Robbie’s best friend and coworker at Sherwood Acres. Playful and carefree. He’s a ladies’ man and loves to be around women at the country club. Charming and fun, he often serves as a plaything for many of the elite women, no matter what age or marital status.

Janet (30s-40s): antagonist; assistant manager of Sherwood Acres. Uptight and stoic. Power hungry and ruthless, Janet will stop at nothing to rise to the top. She only has members in mind at the club and ignores the rights of employees for the sake of creating a high brow atmosphere for the members. However, when Robbie either humiliates other members or herself, Janet sinks to other levels to get back at Robbie. Her ultimate goal: fire Robbie, either by rising to the appropriate power (General Manager) or getting Robbie caught by the current GM.

Dalton (20s-30s): Employee supervisor and Janet’s eyes & ears. Extremely awkward and monotone most of the time. He doesn’t have a lot of respect from the employees due to his passive aggressive nature and his lack of confidence in disciplining employees. Therefore, he compromises by being a snitch, making him feel at least slightly powerful over employees.

George Kelly (60s-70s): current General Manager of Sherwood Acres. He’s young at heart and therefore loves Robbie & Will, blinding him to their mischief. He does care about employees as much as members, but he often is either too busy with work or too busy having fun to do the work, which he passes off to Janet. However, he’s the one who has the ultimate power and the final say on all issues at the country club in the end.

Minor Characters

Mr. Addison: angry, alcohol loving country club member.

Maggie the Cart Girl: sweet, innocent girl that provides beer for golf carts

Mr. Pollock: country club member who cannot golf yet believes he can and is sensitive to criticism

David: sick employee

Mr. Adams: no-nonsense country club member

Further Comments

Audition dates will be announced by February 11th. Aiming to have casting done by end of February. Sides will be provided upon email of interest in production.