“BlackJack” – contact producer for details.

Production Title: “BlackJack”
Logline: An actor finds art imitating life as he has to now play the part for real.

Audition Date: E-mail producer for details

Producer’s Email: Ty Pulliam – btpulliam@crimson.ua.edu

Production Start Date:  01/22/2014

Sides Provided? No

Student or Professional Production?

Characters Sought:

Donald “Donnie” Davis – star actor/gambler
Sterling Thomas “Tommy” Davis- Donnie’s brother/muscle
Preston “Spaz” Palotti – Donnie’s friend from high school
Barry Wexler – Donnie’s financial adviser
Quentin Banks – Donnie’s other best friend

“Black Jack” Bobby James – Shady Gambling establishment head


Intrigued female patron

Gambler 1

Gambler 2

Gambler 3


Further Comments

I’m looking to make an outstanding film. It’s kind of a family thing as my 2nd cousin does hair and make up for a lot of shows/films. Need a semi-large crew of actors and would love to have anyone who is interested help with this endeavor for CMF.