“In Too Deep” – 1/21 @7pm

Production Title: In Too Deep
Logline: A gambler must go to all ends to pay back his debt and save his wife before time runs out.

Audition Date: 01/21/2015
Audition Time: 7:00 – 8:30 PM
Audition Location: University of Alabama, Reese Phifer – Colonial Drive, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 – Bottom Floor, Room 104D

Producer’s Email:¬†Nicholas Mata –¬†nsmata@crimson.ua.edu

Production Start Date:  01/22/2015

Sides Provided? Yes

Student or Professional Production?

Characters Sought:

CHRIS (Lead, 21-25, Male, Athletic, Caucasian) – Chris is a gambler, who, despite his addiction, is a very devoted husband. Has a very masculine persona, is young looking and clean-shaved.

ASHLEY (Supporting, 19-24, Female, Athletic and Attractive, Caucasian) – Ashley is the wife of Chris. She has no clue of her husband’s gambling addiction.

ANTON (Supporting, 25-40, Male, Average, Russian) – Anton is a Russian loan shark and is affiliated with the Russian mob. He is very intimidating and aggressive. He is also very sophisticated and dressed up.

BODYGUARDS (4)(Extras, 25 – 40, Male, Athletic/Muscular, Any Race) – These are the bodyguards of Anton. Their presence is very intimidating.

Further Comments

This audition will be a cold read from the script. Thanks!

Hope to see everyone there!