CASTING CALL: “Stolen Moments” – contact producer for audition information

Production Title: Stolen Moments
Logline: A woman travels back in time to correct a mistake she made in the past, but is she prepared to pay the ultimate price to right this wrong?

Producer’s Email:

Production Start Date:  01/21/2015

Student or Professional Production?

Characters Sought:

Young Margot – Gender: Female,  Age: 25.
Margot is determined, emotional, and nostalgic.  Her main motivation is to stop a past version of herself from accidentally killing someone she loves.

Old Margot – Gender: Female, Age: 50-60.
The same character description applies to both versions of Margot.

Amy – Gender: Female, Age: 6.
Amy is a small, innocent girl who is tragically hit by a car.

Amy’s brother/sister – Gender: Male or Female, Age: 7.
Amy’s sibling is Amy’s playmate throughout the film.

Margot’s husband – Gender: Male, Age: 26.
Margot’s husband is an average suburbanite.  Clean cut and supportive.

Further Comments

This is – for the most part – a silent film, so I’m looking for someone who can give an emotional physical performance.  “Stolen Moments” is a very ambitious project with some intricate filmmaking techniques being used, so only contact me if you could be dedicated to filming for possibly three days next week.  Contact me at if you’re interested in being in this film.