CASTING CALL: “Home” – contact producer for audition information

Production Title: “Home”

Logline: Henry Roberts is a minstrelsy actor unhappy with his job and his life. After he hastily walks out during the middle of a performance Henry is subjugated to a meaningless act of violence due to a case of mistaken identity.

Audition Date: Please contact producer Shanrica Evans for more information.

Production Start Date:  01/23/2015

Producer’s Email:

Student or Professional Production?

Characters Sought:

[Officer White] [Gender: Male] [Age: 23-28]
Officer White is a veteran police officer. His prejudice views cause him to make a costly mistake.

[Officer Booth] [Gender: Male] [Age: 18-23]
Officer Booth is a young, naïve, police officer that has an eye opening experience as a result of a murder on the first night of his job.

Further Comments

Home is a socially conscious period piece that explores racial identity through the experiences of a minstrelsy star and young police officer.

Interested actors, please contact producer Shanrica Evans. Sides will be provided to you upon contacting her.