Month: January 2015

“Brewing” – 1/30/15 – 2-7pm

Production Title: Brewing
Logline: A film made in association with award nominated producers, “Brewing” (tentative title) will follow Leigh and Bennet, a couple in the process of renovating an old southern mansion. Leigh must find a way to face her past, or succumb to it.

Audition Date: 01/30/15
Audition Time: 2:00-7:00PM
Audition Location: Reese Phifer – Studio A – 901 University Blvd; Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401 (corner of Univ. Blvd. and Colonial)

Producer’s Email: Abbie Wilson –

Production Start Date:  02/27/2015

Sides Provided? Yes

Student or Professional Production?

Characters Sought:

LEIGH – Female. 30s. Bold. Strong-willed. She’s lost a child, and resents the past.

BENNETT – Male. 30s. Jovial. Easy-going. He embraces the past and wants to learn from it.

CAROL –  Female. 60s-80s. Kind and gentle. Southern.

Further Comments

Audition date/time and production start date tentative.

“BlackJack” – contact producer for details.

Production Title: “BlackJack”
Logline: An actor finds art imitating life as he has to now play the part for real.

Audition Date: E-mail producer for details

Producer’s Email: Ty Pulliam –

Production Start Date:  01/22/2014

Sides Provided? No

Student or Professional Production?

Characters Sought:

Donald “Donnie” Davis – star actor/gambler
Sterling Thomas “Tommy” Davis- Donnie’s brother/muscle
Preston “Spaz” Palotti – Donnie’s friend from high school
Barry Wexler – Donnie’s financial adviser
Quentin Banks – Donnie’s other best friend

“Black Jack” Bobby James – Shady Gambling establishment head


Intrigued female patron

Gambler 1

Gambler 2

Gambler 3


Further Comments

I’m looking to make an outstanding film. It’s kind of a family thing as my 2nd cousin does hair and make up for a lot of shows/films. Need a semi-large crew of actors and would love to have anyone who is interested help with this endeavor for CMF.

“In Too Deep” – 1/21 @7pm

Production Title: In Too Deep
Logline: A gambler must go to all ends to pay back his debt and save his wife before time runs out.

Audition Date: 01/21/2015
Audition Time: 7:00 – 8:30 PM
Audition Location: University of Alabama, Reese Phifer – Colonial Drive, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 – Bottom Floor, Room 104D

Producer’s Email: Nicholas Mata –

Production Start Date:  01/22/2015

Sides Provided? Yes

Student or Professional Production?

Characters Sought:

CHRIS (Lead, 21-25, Male, Athletic, Caucasian) – Chris is a gambler, who, despite his addiction, is a very devoted husband. Has a very masculine persona, is young looking and clean-shaved.

ASHLEY (Supporting, 19-24, Female, Athletic and Attractive, Caucasian) – Ashley is the wife of Chris. She has no clue of her husband’s gambling addiction.

ANTON (Supporting, 25-40, Male, Average, Russian) – Anton is a Russian loan shark and is affiliated with the Russian mob. He is very intimidating and aggressive. He is also very sophisticated and dressed up.

BODYGUARDS (4)(Extras, 25 – 40, Male, Athletic/Muscular, Any Race) – These are the bodyguards of Anton. Their presence is very intimidating.

Further Comments

This audition will be a cold read from the script. Thanks!

Hope to see everyone there!

CASTING CALL: “Stolen Moments” – contact producer for audition information

Production Title: Stolen Moments
Logline: A woman travels back in time to correct a mistake she made in the past, but is she prepared to pay the ultimate price to right this wrong?

Producer’s Email:

Production Start Date:  01/21/2015

Student or Professional Production?

Characters Sought:

Young Margot – Gender: Female,  Age: 25.
Margot is determined, emotional, and nostalgic.  Her main motivation is to stop a past version of herself from accidentally killing someone she loves.

Old Margot – Gender: Female, Age: 50-60.
The same character description applies to both versions of Margot.

Amy – Gender: Female, Age: 6.
Amy is a small, innocent girl who is tragically hit by a car.

Amy’s brother/sister – Gender: Male or Female, Age: 7.
Amy’s sibling is Amy’s playmate throughout the film.

Margot’s husband – Gender: Male, Age: 26.
Margot’s husband is an average suburbanite.  Clean cut and supportive.

Further Comments

This is – for the most part – a silent film, so I’m looking for someone who can give an emotional physical performance.  “Stolen Moments” is a very ambitious project with some intricate filmmaking techniques being used, so only contact me if you could be dedicated to filming for possibly three days next week.  Contact me at if you’re interested in being in this film.

Professor Nick Corrao and Alabama Art Seen

Nick Corrao and his students.
Nick Corrao and his students.

TCF Professor Nick Corrao and his students are featured in a UA Dialog article about their on-going documentary series on Alabama artists, Alabama Art Seen:

The state of Alabama is home to an ever-expanding community of artisans and performers, and part of Nicholas Corrao’s mission is to shine a spotlight on them.

Corrao, an instructor in the department of telecommunication and film, recently received a grant from the Alabama Council on the Arts to assist with the production of “Alabama Art Seen,” a program Corrao and his students produce for WVUA-TV, focusing on the arts in Alabama.

“The show is valuable in that it profiles artists living and working in Alabama,” Corrao said. “It’s not only a great resource for the public to see what’s happening in their state – and hopefully we’re introducing them to some things they didn’t know are happening – it’s also a great promotional tool, both for the state and the artists themselves.”

Read more…


CASTING CALL: “Home” – contact producer for audition information

Production Title: “Home”

Logline: Henry Roberts is a minstrelsy actor unhappy with his job and his life. After he hastily walks out during the middle of a performance Henry is subjugated to a meaningless act of violence due to a case of mistaken identity.

Audition Date: Please contact producer Shanrica Evans for more information.

Production Start Date:  01/23/2015

Producer’s Email:

Student or Professional Production?

Characters Sought:

[Officer White] [Gender: Male] [Age: 23-28]
Officer White is a veteran police officer. His prejudice views cause him to make a costly mistake.

[Officer Booth] [Gender: Male] [Age: 18-23]
Officer Booth is a young, naïve, police officer that has an eye opening experience as a result of a murder on the first night of his job.

Further Comments

Home is a socially conscious period piece that explores racial identity through the experiences of a minstrelsy star and young police officer.

Interested actors, please contact producer Shanrica Evans. Sides will be provided to you upon contacting her.

CASTING CALL: “Magnolia” – 1/16/15 @7pm

Production Title: Magnolia
Logline: A young woman is chased by people she perceives as the murderers of her mother, yet all is not as it seems.

Audition Date: 01/16/2015
Audition Time: 7pm
Audition Location: Reese-Phifer Hall – Studio A (Google Maps)

Producer’s Email: Billy Causey –

Production Start Date:  01/20/2015

Student or Professional Production?

Characters Sought:

Magnolia: Young woman whom is being chased.

Dr. Coore: Magnolia’s “mother.”

Dr. Brenen: Rival to Dr Coore.

Guard Captain Cassval: Captain of the guards chasing Magnolia.

Detective Williams: Grizzled private investigator with a distaste for technology.

Further Comments

This is an audition for a film produced for the Campus MovieFest.

It’s an unpaid project where we plan to film the 5 to 7 minute movie in three days and then edit for submission by the 26th.