Month: August 2014

TCF’s “Zom-Com” and “Clean Break” at Sidewalk Film Festival

The Sixteenth Annual Sidewalk Film Festival wrapped up Sunday. Featured among its short film entrants was  Zom-Com:

Sidewalk also saw the premiere of TCF professor Nick Corrao’s short film Clean Break:

Together these projects involved dozens of TCF faculty and students. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who helped keep TCF on the program of this competitive and highly-regarded film festival.

Payne on gaming Grand Theft Auto Online

Just out in Media Fields Journal is TCF professor Matt Payne’s “Policing the Sandbox in Grand Theft Auto Online.” It details what happens when gamers acquire gaming capital (e.g., in-game cash) in ways that challenge the gamemaker’s control. Things can get ugly.

Find it here:

Matthew Thomas Payne and Michael Fleisch. “Policing the Sandbox in Grand Theft Auto Online.” Media Fields Journal 8 (2014).

Tuscaloosa Amp and TCF Interns Win Award

The Tuscaloosa Ampitheater won the Venue Education Award from the International Association of Venue Managers. As noted by Tuscaloosa News, “[t]he award, given for venues demonstrating active student involvement, educational opportunities and leadership, was given to the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater largely based on its internship program created with the University of Alabama.”

The T-News article notes that more than 45 UA students have interned at the Ampitheater. We’re sure that 95 to 100 percent of these students have been guided by TCF’s Rachel Raimist. Accordingly, congratulations and thanks to Dr. Raimist for putting the Tuscaloosa Ampitheater and TCF in the international spotlight.

See the Tuscaloosa News story: