TCF News and Notes (Spring 2014)


Congratulations to Chandra Clark for her publication in the April edition of JoME. “Producing a Collaborative Video Project across Country” explains how she produced her award-winning work on tornados and hurricanes. You can read it at:

BTW, JoME is edited by one of our TCF adjuncts, Dr. Dave Byland.

Congratulations to Dwight Cammeron, whose film April’s Hero was screened at the Lifetree Film Festival in Loveland, Colorado on Saturday, April 12. For more info on this festival, check out:

April’s Hero has continued to have great success on the festival circuit.

Congratulations to Michael Bruce, whose article “Framing Arab Spring Conflict: A Visual Analysis of Coverage on Five Transnational Arab News Channels” has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Middle Eastern Media. We look forward to its publication.

And congratulations to Adam Schwartz, Matt Payne, and Maya Champion, who were invited to present their collaborative work on Zom-Com at the UFVA Annual Convention in August in Montana.


TCF won 3 awards in the UA “Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Conference”

Oral Presentations

2nd Place Leah Bradford, Drew Bryant, Taylor Crosby, Sarah Hollingsworth (Faculty Mentor: Chandra Clark)

4th Place Danielle Springsteen, Kristen Bolden, Lauria Jenkins, Morgan Wagner (Faculty Mentor: Chandra Clark)

Internationally Focused

Award Recipient – Jeyoung Oh (Faculty Mentor: Yonghwan Kim)

Congratulations to Chandra Clark and Yonghwan Kim for their work with these students.

TCF also had 4 winners and 4 finalists (in 5 different categories) in the SPJ competition (each category gets three finalists and then they choose one winner . . . the others are called finalists).


WINNER “Student On-line identity stolen” by Hailey Swartwout (TCF 334 mini-doc aired on WVUA-FM)
FINALIST: “Red Light Cameras” by Spinks Megginson


WINNER “Preventing More boating deaths” by Tommy Townsend, WVUA-TV
FINALIST “Airport Bomb Threat” by Emileigh Forrester, WVUA-TV


WINNER “Blind Band Student” by Bradley Whittington, WVUA-TV


FINALIST: “A Champion’s Support” by Katie Malone, WVUA-TV


WINNER “Blind Band Student” by Bradley Whittington, WVUA-TV
FINALIST “Bamboo Industry” by Emileigh Forrester, WVUA-TV