BEA Awards

All the BEA winners have been posted and, as usual, TCF has an excellent record of achievement. We had 5 papers and 5 festival awards! All peer-reviewed and competitively selected. Of the 5 papers, 3 were TOP papers in their division and one additional paper was selected for the prestigious Research Symposium. At the Festival, 2 were faculty awards and 3 were student awards. Michael received the Best of the Festival Award in Faculty Sports, the top award for the festival and the first time it has been awarded in the Sports Division.

Here is the complete breakdown:

Research Papers

Top paper: BEA Research division (debut): Yonghwan Kim

Like-minded media use and stereotypic perceptions: Exploring the connection between exposure to like-minded media and stereotypical perceptions.

Top paper, Gender Studies (open): Andy Billings

Parallel Lines of Commentary? The NBC Broadcast Network’s Primetime Depiction of Male Gymnasts at the 2012 Olympic Games

Top Paper, International Division (open): Michel Haigh & Michael Bruce

A Comparison of the Visual and Story Frames Al Jazeera English and CNN Employed During the 2011 Egyptian Revolution

Research Symposium: Michael Bruce:

Sensational Pictures: An Analysis of Visual Structure on Five Transnational Arab News Channels

Selected for presentation: Yonghwan Kim:

Selective exposure to podcasts, emotions, and political participation: The mediating role of emotions.

International Festival of Media Arts

Best of Festival, Faculty Sports:

Michael Bruce: Houndstooth: Tradition. Community. Loyalty.

Faculty Video Competition: Promotional Video

Award of Excellence: Scott Hodgson, University of Oklahoma & Chandra Clark, The University of Alabama: Communicating Superstorm Sandy


Student Interactive Multimedia Competition: Small Team, 1st Place Winner:

Miller Coop and Anne Tyler Bushman, The University of Alabama, Miracle League.

Student Documentary/Long Form: 3rd Place Winner

Shelby Hadden, The University of Alabama, Not a Statistic

Student Television Hard News Reporting: Honorable Mention

Tommy Townsend, The University of Alabama, Drownings on the River