TCF Prof. Kristen Warner: Object X – What is a Dollar?

Object X seeks to examine how differing opinions can converge to define an object. The third event in this series will focus on the simple question, “What is a dollar?” Six speakers will come together on February 17 at 7:00pm in ten Hoor room 30 to answer that question. Come hear a variety of voices in the Tuscaloosa and University of Alabama communities shed light on different aspects of the ever-polarizing dollar.

Chip Cooper, Honors College Artist in Residence
Lauren Lock, Panhellenic Community Member
Hannah Rath, Former President of Project Health
Kristen Warner, Assistant Professor of Telecommunication & Film
Phillip Weaver, Owner of Buffalo Phil’s
Craig Wedderspoon, Associate Professor of Art, Sculpture

Tweet at us before the event! Use #whatisadollar and tell us the best way you’ve ever spent a dollar. A bag of chocolate coins will go to whoever has the best story!

What is a dollar? poster