Capstone Video Project 2014

Crewing Up for Spring 2014!

TCF 442: Capstone Video Project

Course Instructor: Tom Cherones–director of Seinfeld, Newsradio, Reaper, etc.

Students will produce, shoot, and edit a 30 minute drama or comedy on location in Tuscaloosa.

Tentatively scheduled for 4 weeks in April *

MTWR 5:00-9:00 pm, plus weekends.


  • TCF 100,
  • One Production or Production Management Class,
  • GPA of 2.0 or higher

Class enrollment is by invitation only.

Students are invited to fill out an application and turn it in to the TCF office (484 Phifer Hall).

Deadline for applications is November 6 .

Students will be notified on or around November 15.

Applications available online or from the TCF Office (484 Phifer Hall).

For more details contact Dr. Glenda Cantrell-Williams:

Click here to download an application.

*actual dates yet to be determined.