TCF News and Notes


Four TCF majors (plus one recent alum) started the fall semester as paid crew for the American Idol try-outs.  This was great experience for them, and great exposure for our program.  They are Alex Beatty, Kyerra Dexter, Hunter Barcroft, Rhys Butler, and Tiffany Reese (TCF alum).

Chandra Clark has a team of students on the ground in Los Angeles for the SPJ/RTDNA conference.  They will also have the chance to network with some TCF alums while in LA.


Andy Billings and Yonghwan Kim both had very productive summers of publications and presentations.  Please congratulate them on their successes.

Yonghwan Kim:

Two Publications:

  1. Kim, Y., Chen, H.-T., & Gil de Zúñiga, H. (2013). Stumbling upon news on the Internet: Effects of incidental news exposure and relative entertainment use on political engagement. Computers in Human Behavior, 29, 2607-2614.
  2. Kim, Y., Hsu, S.-H., & Gil de Zúñiga, H. (2013). Influence of social media use on discussion network heterogeneity and civic engagement: The moderating role of personality traits. Journal of Communication, 63, 498-516.

A book chapter:

Kim, Y. (2013). Contingent factors of agenda-setting effects: How need for orientation, issue obtrusiveness, and message tone influence issue salience and attitude strength. In T. Johnson (Ed.), Agenda Setting in a 2.0 World (pp. 65-81). New York: Routledge.

Two conference papers:

  1. Kim, Y. (2013). Knowledge vs. Stereotype: Exploring the Mediating Mechanisms of the Relationship Between Selective Exposure, Attitudinal Polarization, and Political Participation. Paper presented at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.
  2. Lee, J. K., Choi, J., Kim, C., & Kim, Y. (2013). Investigating the Relationship Between Social Media Use and Opinion Polarization. Paper presented at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.

 Andy Billings:

New Book out this week:

Billings, A.C, & Ruihley, B.J. (2014).  The fantasy sport industry: Games within games. London: Routledge.

Three new publications out over the summer:

  1.  Licen, S., & Billings, A.C. (2013).  Cheering for ‘our’ champs while watching ‘sexy’ female throwers: Representation of nationality and gender in Slovenian 2008 Summer Olympic television coverage.  EuropeanJournal of Communication28(4), 379-396.
  2.  Angelini, J.R., Billings, A.C., & MacArthur, P.J. (2013).  The Vancouver “big six” gender-framed: NBC’s primetime coverage of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.  Sport in Society16(9), 1176-1197.
  3.  Ruihley, B.J., & Billings, A.C. (2013).  Infiltrating the boys club: Motivations for women’s fantasy sport participation.  International Review for the Sociology of Sport48(4), 435-452.

Five new pieces accepted for publication over the summer:

  1.  Billings, A.C., Angelini, J.R., MacArthur, P.J., Bissell, K., & Smith, L.R. (2014, in press).  (Re)calling London: The gender frame agenda within NBC’s primetimebroadcast of the 2012 Olympiad.  Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly.
  2. Bie, B., & Billings, A.C. (2014, in press). ‘Too good to be true?’: U.S. and Chinese media coverage of Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen in the 2012 Olympic Games. International Review for the Sociology of Sport.
  3. Angelini, J.R., Billings, A.C., MacArthur, P.J., Bissell, K., & Smith, L.R. (2014, in press). Competing separately, medalling equally: Racial depictions of athletes in NBC’s primetime broadcast of the 2012 London Olympic Games.  The Howard Journal of Communication, 25(2).
  4. Devlin, M.B., Brown, N.A., Billings, A.C., & Bishop, S. (2014, in press).  ‘Ultimate’ sponsorship: Fan identity, brand congruence, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship.  International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing.
  5. Billings, A.C., Brown, N.A., Brown, K.A., Guo, Q., Leeman, M., Licen, S., Novak, D., & Rowe, D. (2013, in press).  From pride to smugness and the nationalism between: Olympic media consumption effects on nationalism across the globe.  Mass Communication & Society16(6).


If you’re attending the Sidewalk Film Festival this weekend, TCF is well represented!  Congratulations to our students and faculty who were competitively selected for screening:


 Adam Schwartz: Company Havanabama: Bridging the Gulf, is screening as part of the AL Documentary Shorts.

Rachel Raimist is speaking on a panel called, “The Punk Singer: Feminism and Punk Music”


Rise, a short narrative by Alex Beatty

Portraits, a documentary short by William Mason

William also edited a documentary called Turkey Man and scored a narrative short, Piety of Passion, both of which are screening.

Student films from Doc Justice class (Andy Grace, faculty)

  •  Moving for Midtown, by Madalyn Vaughn and Brass Bralley
  • Reasonable Doubt, by ShaMyra Sylvester and Caitlin Trotter
  • The Straight and Narrow, by Hunter Holt and Heath Kinzer
  • Today and Tomorrow, by Bre Swims and Okha Patel
  • Unsettlement, by Ellie Campbell, Abbot Henderson and Elizabeth Blair
  • What it Means to Know, by Mary Scott Hodgin
  • Hale County Gorilla, by Ben Voigt and Amy Reisch

Check out the full schedule here: