UA Student Scriptwriting Contest

The winning script will be produced by director Tom Cherones* on location in Tuscaloosa!#


  • All work must be original.
  • Script should be a short dramatic feature, 20-30 minutes in length.
  • No elaborate sets or locations; must be able to shoot the script in/around Tuscaloosa.
  • No car crashes, explosions, or special effects.
  • Scripts must be in proper format, neat and free of errors; should be bound by two brads only–top & bottom left margin.

Only one script will be selected; decision of the judges is final.

Submit two copies of your script to the TCF Office, with a submission form (c/o Marylou Cox): room 484 Phifer Hall.

Obtain a submission form from the TCF Office or click here to download it.

Deadline for Submissions is December 7, 2012!

*Director of Seinfeld, Newsradio, and many others.

#Student crew from TCF 442.