TCF at the Sidewalk Film Festival

The Sidewalk Film Festival is this weekend (8/24/12), and TCF is well represented! Here is a list of faculty and student screenings:

Adam Schwartz — “Barney and the Martians”

Andy Grace — “Eating Alabama” (Alabama premier)

Student Screenings:

Shelby Hadden – “Never Got A Dime”

Dara Ewing and Kellie Gentry – “AL 116”

Seema Kumar and Lauren Marsh – “A Dying Breed”

Mary Sellers Shaw and Carlos Estrada – “Undocumented”

DJ Jackson and Dana Rizor – “We Are Coming Back”

Mischa Lewis and Jamie Woodham – “State of Confusion”

Fifi Wang and Rebecca Howard – “Same People”

Xavier Burgin and Greg Houser – “The Bridge”

Also, Rachel Raimist is a doc juror!