Month: August 2012

TCF Faculty Activities: Summer 2012

The summer was busy! Here are some of the faculty highlights:

Adam’s “Barney and the Martians” won 2nd place in the UFVA Juried Film Competition in the Narrative Short Film category.

Billings, A.C. (2012). Where the puck is: Ten themes for advancing sports media scholarship. Journal of Chengdu Sport University, 38 (3), 16-20.

Angelini, J.R., MacArthur, P.J., Billings, A.C. (2012). What’s the gendered story?
Vancouver’s primetime Olympic glory on NBC. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media,
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Angelini, J.R., Billings, A.C., & MacArthur, P.J. (2012). The nationalistic revolution
will be televised: The 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games on NBC. International Journal of Sport Communication, 5(2), 193-209.

Powell, L., Richmond, V.P., Cantrell-Williams, G. (2012). The “Drinking-Buddy” scale as a measure of para-social behavior. Psychological Reports, 2012, 110, 3, 1029-1037.


TCF at the Sidewalk Film Festival

The Sidewalk Film Festival is this weekend (8/24/12), and TCF is well represented! Here is a list of faculty and student screenings:

Adam Schwartz — “Barney and the Martians”

Andy Grace — “Eating Alabama” (Alabama premier)

Student Screenings:

Shelby Hadden – “Never Got A Dime”

Dara Ewing and Kellie Gentry – “AL 116”

Seema Kumar and Lauren Marsh – “A Dying Breed”

Mary Sellers Shaw and Carlos Estrada – “Undocumented”

DJ Jackson and Dana Rizor – “We Are Coming Back”

Mischa Lewis and Jamie Woodham – “State of Confusion”

Fifi Wang and Rebecca Howard – “Same People”

Xavier Burgin and Greg Houser – “The Bridge”

Also, Rachel Raimist is a doc juror!