Month: May 2011

TCF Alums: Please Check In!

We’re compiling a new list of TCF alumni and their current locations and jobs. If you could take a few seconds to fill out our contact form, we’d greatly appreciate it. Please include:

  1. Year of graduation
  2. Current location
  3. Current employment situation

Thanks so very much!


The Cancellation of Final Exam Week

Due to the tornado’s devastating effects, the University did not conduct final-exam week.

Students have the option of accepting their existing grades as of April 27, 2011, or they can take a final exam at a later date. For those students who request to take a final exam, faculty will have the option of scheduling the final exam on site or via distance-education means.

Students in TCF courses wishing to take final exams should contact their professors to make arrangements.

Students in courses outside of TCF should stay alert for notices from their professors–especially via Crimson mail.

Commencement exercises scheduled for May 7, 2011, have been rescheduled for Aug. 6, 2011, when May and August graduates will be recognized.