Month: March 2011

New TCF Class on Personal Cinema (Fall 2011)

Personal Cinema ClassTCF 444-002 Personal Cinema (fall 2011) will examine many autobiographical films to study how autobiography works in a visual medium.  These films will include documentaries, fiction films, experimental, visual essays and video diaries.  We will discuss the roles and ramifications of inserting yourself in your own work, technical ways to do so, and how to make these stories compelling.

The course will consist of weekly screenings and several video productions.  A working knowlege of Final Cut Pro is required.

Contact Professor Rob Briscoe, UA’s Center for Public Television and Radio, for further information.


TCF Seeks New Faculty Members

The Department of Telecommunication and Film at the University of Alabama seeks one and possibly two, three-year non-tenure-earning contract instructors beginning August 16, 2011. The primary goal is to add an electronic journalism instructor but the committee will also consider candidates with parallel teaching and professional experience in the field of film, video and media production as well.

More information is available here.