TCF Production Class Shout-out (Seats Available)

Too often I hear, “Dr. R, why can’t I get in any of the production classes?”… Well, my dear students, here is a great production class that still has spots open for spring 2011:

TCF 389 – Experimental Film

A look at the experimental and underground history of cinema, focusing on individuals and groups working outside of the mainstream film industry.  The class will consist of screenings, lectures, class analysis and student productions.  Each student will be required to create three works, each inspired by one of the sub-genres we will be studying.  Examples are Surreal, the Psychodrama, the Visual Poem, Structuralist, Underground, and Abstract.  Each piece will be a minimum of 4 minutes.  Students will have the option to work in groups or alone. Otherwise the content is completely open-ended.

The instructor is Rob Briscoe, producer at the Center Public Television and producer of the wonderful new show GLIMPSE!