TCF Chair Gary Copeland Wins Teaching Award

The University of Alabama National Alumni Association has announced the 2010 recipients of the University’s highest honor for excellence in teaching – the Outstanding Commitment to Teaching Awards. This year’s recipients Dr. Gary A. Copeland, chair of the TCF Department.

Dr. Gary A. Copeland joined the UA faculty in 1982 as an assistant professor of broadcast and film communication. He currently serves as professor and chair of the department of telecommunication and film and also has an appointment in the communication studies department. Copeland received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from California State University-Fresno and his doctoral degree from Pennsylvania State University.

Primarily known for his research in political communication, Copeland has also written in other areas of study including rhetorical criticism. He partnered with Dr. Karen Johnson-Cartee to write the first academic book about negative political advertising and to review the counter claims regarding the efficacy of the use of these ads in a campaign.

Copeland has served as a consultant for political campaigns at the local, state, federal and international levels. As a consultant, he was also a member of the American Political Advertising Association.

Copeland’s work has been published in various scholarly journals including Journalism Quarterly, Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, Critical Studies in Mass Communication and more. He has also co-authored and co-edited several books.

In addition to making numerous presentations to international, national and regional academic associations, Copeland has taught courses at the University of Klagenfurt in Klagenfurt, Austria and at the University of Aruba.