UA Film Festival

From the Kinoscrastinate Website:

In the last year it has become very easy for a student to be involved in film production. However, the University of Alabama lacks an official venue to showcase the incredible work being done by students on campus. We have discovered that there is a great interest in starting a university-wide annual film festival to fill that need. It would have the benefit of showcasing student work, drawing attention to the film scene on campus, and fostering a truly inter-disciplinary art form.

We envision such a film festival to be an annual event held on campus, organized collaboratively by Kinocrastinate Productions, Nimpire Pictures, Sprankle Pictures, and the University of Alabama. We envision this to be our versions of the Oscars. To generate interest, we would like an extensive publicity campaign on campus and online. The film pieces would be judged in a variety of categories by a panel of judges from each school, with small cash prizes available to the winners in each category.

UA Film Festival Rules and Dates

  • Films can be up to two years old.
  • Entrants must be current UA students. This includes graduate students.
  • Gives us your films by the 26th of March, 2010.
  • Films will be shown and awards presented on the 2nd of April, 2010.
  • Format: You can turn in your movie either on mini-DV tape or as a .mov file on a data DVD or CD. If you choose to turn in a file, please encode it as DV-NTSC. For audio, use 48 kHz AIFF, if possible.
  • Include a slate before the beginning of your film with your name, the film’s title, whether it’s framed 4:3 or 16:9, and the total running time. We also recommend including some credits that list everyone who helped in the making of your film.
More information:
This festival is not sponsored by the TCF Department.